Product Development

A successful delivery of a product into the market loosely follows a 8 step process developed by Dr. Robert G. Cooper.

The process is called as NPD – New Product Development, here is a look into the 8 step process.

1. Idea Generation

• Generating the list of possible ideas to design the product , the idea is to come up with a bunch of ideas rather to stick to one.

2. Idea Screening

• Of the list of ideas generated is now the right time to choose the best one, what makes this process different from others is, the idea chosen in this step will be processed through the other phases.

3. Concept Development and Testing.

• As we have the idea with us its time to develop a concept to promote the idea and test it.

4. Business Analysis

• Analysing the concept and converting it into business requirements.

5. Beta Testing and Market testing

• Releasing the product into the market for testing to see the reception among the public and to identify the possibilities to tweak the product.

6. Technical implementation

• Based on the result carried out in the previous phase the technical implementation of the product varies.

7. Commercialization

• Ads to make the general public know about the product.

8. Product pricing

• Correct pricing is often the vital successful point of the product.

Corporate Training

Our subject matter experts in technology offer extensive training in JAVA, PHP, .NET, ANDROID and various other platforms. Our extensive training programs cover audience from all sectors either being a part of our inhouse training or training corporate employees our expert team does it like no other.

The teaching pattern followed by us involves in assessing the pre hand knowledge the batch has on a particular subject and then modifies the course based on the results derived. Study materials designed by us are made to communicate with any type of audience.

We are corporate training partners for many clients like HCL, TCS, Wipro. The time schedule for a course is made flexible to students who are parallel concentrating on the academic course. The training course provided by us ends with a assessment exam, a certificate of merit is also issued to candidate who pass the exam with flying colors.

BE/B.Tech Project centers in chennai:-

Grace Soft solutions is focusing on be project centers in chennai and all over tamilnadu students to produce highly talented & wonderful career to them. We also have B.Tech project center in Chennai to bring the talents outcome we have opened B.E. Project center in Chennai with several expertise lecturers and professors.

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Grace Soft solution is majorly on M.E/M.Tech projects for final year students from Chennai universities and colleges to submit and start their career at best level. We are the best m.e / project center in chennai serving to the students from past 5 years. We are experienced in best M.E/ M.Tech projects as we know the complete criteria and sources to develope at as easy as possible.

Best ns2/ns3 project centers in chennai:-

We are the Best ns2/ns3 project centers in chennai. We have successfully completed so many ns2 and ns3 projects in Chennai. The finest team for coaching ns2 projects, and suitable infrastruce for moving next are the features of Grace soft solution.

Best android real time project centres in chennai:-

Our students are trained on android technologies that is Android real time projects by our Industry Experienced teaching team. In our Mobile Android Training program the students capture in-depth Knowledge and understanding not only in building Mobile Android Applications but are also in Enterprise Architecture, Business Process flow & Logics.

Web Design

The modern world revolves around the web. The development of mobile apps and websites is on a very high rate. The website speaks to masses to whom we cannot speak.

The effectiveness of the information displayed, the way the information is displayed represents the success of a web design. The quality of content is another marketing key point that needs to be looked into.

At Grace software solution all the key parameters are focused by industry experts. The background analysis of the core competency is an essential part to create a website design that speaks. Targeting the essential keywords is also the most important part of a successful web design.The design elements that we deploy are light weight and thus it reduces its load time, with no compromise in designing standards we deploy the latest technology to produce a creative and interactive web.

Our experience in the field of web design has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative in Chennai and also in the industry.

Logo Design

A simple logo is a better tool to promote a brand. Brands like IBM, Coca Cola, Apple and Ferrari have logos that reflect their tradition and culture the process of designing a logo is not a simple task, a logo must incorporate tradition and culture in simple and a efficient language.

When designing a logo its good and wise to have a look at the tradition of the organization when the organization has a history , the most important constraint is the logo should also be unique as it may attract copy right issues.

The usage of colors is more important when choosing to design a logo, the most commonly used colors are blue and green. The point of designing a logo is to a promote a business better, so its advisable to make the logo cleaner and simpler.

A better understanding of the requirements is needed , usage of appropriate symbols should be considered carefully ,spirals, hash, x – mark has to be avoided.

Our Services

Grace Soft Solutions is a technology driven organization with the fast growing and latest technologies in the areas of Information Technology & Embedded Systems. We are focused on executing Hi-end technology services & solutions to our clients as well as students. As a part of the projects & development training, we offer projects keeping in view the latest emerging trends and technologies under Parallel Development Process. We play a Dual Positive Role by satisfying the academic requirements as well as giving the necessary training in Software Design and Development which enables you to meet the industrial requirements with a wider knowledge and a greater confidence.

When you invest in yourself, you can never lose, and over time you will change the trajectory of your life. You are simply the product of what you know. The more time, energy and money you spend acquiring pertinent knowledge, the more control you have over your life and the more valuable you will be to everyone around you.

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